Trying Out My Artwork On A Lumbar Pillow

hello! i'm starting to gear up with a new product line i've been working on all year long! i've got owlie cups centered around coffee themed art and now i've got a lumbar pillow, with empowering words that you can use as a throw or can be used for providing added support to the lower back, thus relieving or reducing lower back pain aggravated by prolonged periods of sitting.
i hope you'll take a quick peek at what i've got to offer so far.  my store will be growing by about two products a week until i have my store nice and full.
if you need gifts for upcoming birthdays or the holidays, please feel free to support an artist and small business first!
thank you for your support!

grumpy without your morning coffee peoples UNITE!!

i've been working on my etsy store again recently and i've finally come up with a way to use some of my owlies i painted recently.  if you would like to purchase a mug as a gift or for yourself...  please feel free to do so by clicking on the images above.  :o)
thank you!  
xoxo  kari

Astoria Sunday Market Preview: acrylic mono print/collage birds!!

i'm SO! excited to have these available for the Astoria Sunday Market tomorrow!!  i made these fresh today in a class that i'm taking online and felt so inspired by the exercise that i kept on going!!  i hope to see you tomorrow!!  :)


this little guy could be yours!  i'll be at the Astoria Sunday Market right outside the Supper Club on 12th & Duane if you'd like to come visit this sassy little healing monster!  :)  
hope to see you there!!  

PER YOUR REQUEST: tooth fairy pillows!!!!

I have had several, in fact, MANY! requests for tooth fairy pillows!  SO!  I will have them available at my Astoria Sunday Market booth (at 12th & Duane in front of T Paul's Supper Club).  If you, for some reason, are not able to come out to the market tomorrow...  I will put them in my "square" store.  I will post a link after I have them up for sale there.  They will be, only $10 a piece!  Yay!!!
See you tomorrow!  

10 Healing Monsters Get A New Home

today 10 very lucky & very excited healing monsters were driven to their new home at the Columbia Memorial Hospital gift shop in Astoria, OR.  Lavonne Carnera, Gift Shop Coordinator, made sure that they felt welcome as they arrived late this afternoon.  :)
xoxo  - kari

here's to spreading a little love and joy...

this is a wee bit of art that was found while taking a walk in the forest near my coastal home in Astoria, OR.  these pieces are made from nature and are to be purchased and then left back into nature for someone else to find... to come upon and find... it is a little piece of love that, when found by its new owner can cause glee, happiness and soul touching excitement.

i started making these little pieces while taking an online course and have watched women turn instantly into 10 year old girls squealing with delight over finding one of these pieces... 

this is a small way to spread BIG joy and i just love making these little treasures.

i hope you will have fun spreading joy & happiness!

xoxo kari