learning from the past

the book i've been reading (the sound of paper by julia cameron) on the bus in the morning has been talking about how we learn from pain and our past.  i have learned a great deal in my life through the pain i've experienced. an abusive marriage, being on my own and alone at barely 18 yrs old to fend for myself.  i've come a long way and now appreciate the rough experiences i've had in my life. because of my experiences i'm self-sufficient, calm and i have good coping skills.  my lesson right now is to focus in on what makes me happy in all things that i do.  i've been trying to find a way to sell my artwork that is unique and feels like something "i" would do and  i'm not entirely confident that etsy is feeling right for me.  i'm thinking that this is a good experimental place where i can post new items to see what kind of response i get.  i guess it would be more for marketing and light sales. i would also use it for lower priced items like prints and jewelry.  i'm happy making a few items at a time per day and then posting it for sale whenever i feel like it.

i have been feeling very overwhelmed by the amount of work i've needed to do - post painting.  it would be different if i wasn't working full time during my day now.  i would have the energy and the time to do all of the detailed repetitive work that needs to be done and I would use my assistant (who i cannot afford at this time).

this week two really nice things happened.  pratt fine arts (favorite place ever!) invited me to sell some of my work at the annual holiday sale that they have and annie's art and frame in ballard invited me and 10 other artists who participated in the ballard artwalk in 2009 to sell as much work as we want for their holiday/artwalk event coming up in november or december...  that makes me feel really good...  sometimes after i paint i have absolutely no idea what i'm supposed to do with all of the work and i'm trying to just let it happen and trust that opportunities present themselves when its time.  today is a good day.

note: I have a new blog that I'm playing with (check it out!):  www.paintingsaday.blogspot.com


  1. Hey Kari, I know exactly how you feel about life. Sometimes pain does make us stronger. I too have a stockpile of paintings. I figure the ones no one wanted to buy were not very good to start with so I sand them down and paint again. And you certainly can't depend on Etsy for a lot of sales. Just think of Etsy as part of your marketing plan. I work a full time retail job and it is exhausting trying to do both. NEVER give up! Thanks for following my blog, I'm following both of yours. If I come across any impt. info on promoting yourself, I'll let you know. Good Luck-We need it!

  2. Your work is really lovely. And I've been writing morning pages for many years since Julia's "The Artist's Way" and though sometimes the writing turns into images, it's one thing I can no longer go a day without. In fact, I often write at other times of the day, too, because I enjoy the process so much. I've taken to keeping a small journal in my purse for those times I'm stuck in an office or vehicle somewhere. It makes waiting a pleasure. And it's made challenging times bearable for me.


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