a new schedule...

i've been updating my website and my etsy shop this week and BOY! is it a lot of work...  I started back at my job-job after having two months off and my life has been rudely shifted into another gear that I'm not familiar with.  i've lost myself a little... no more painting every day and sitting around looking out my window, going for spontaneous walks... basically doing whatever i felt like doing whenever i felt like doing it.

i believe this job-job pushes me towards greater things in my life...  its showing me that this is not the job that calls to my heart... it is not what my soul craves... it is not my passion...

my secret wish... is to support myself with my art in ways that bring me financial freedom and allow me to support others along their way... my goal is to be myself and to lead by example...

a little road trip to rattlesnake lake

i think if i could have latte's all day... i would do it!

some of my artist tools... brushes, inks, oil paints...


  1. Hi Kari, I know that I will be meeting you when I pick you up from Monterey airport on Thursday but wanted to comment on your blog. I am just learning to do a blog and it is frustrating and time consuming. the book by Julia Cameron sounds very good. I would like to get it soon. Interesting that one of the books you like is Collage for the Soul. I have had that book for a long time and recommend it to my mixed media collage students. And another thing...your list...much like my VISION BOARD. I wish for you all that is on that list. I too have yearned for a camper (VW poptop, newer model) We use to camp in VW's and tents, when raising our three sons. We still have an older model camper but this is my husbands fishing, Baja buggie and no way would I sleep in in now!! You and I are putting our desires out into the universe and someone is bound to hear us right? I want a beach house right on the beach in Hawaii where our son lives, andfor our workshop in Cortona, Italy next June 2010 to happen. I will include a link here for you.
    See you soon. All the best, Josie Rodriguez

  2. Josie,

    Please let me know if you still have questions about blogging... it seems like we never really had a chance to complete a thought, on this topic... (not a bad thing) :o)

    Did all of your questions get answered? If not, I'd be happy to help.



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