slowing things down a bit...

today is the first day of autumn and its going to be close to 90 degrees today.  i started reading the book the sound of paper by julia cameron and i'm reminded to start writing my morning pages again.  its to help get the junk out of my head and to plan my day in some way, every day.  i think i've mostly been focusing on where i am right now and trying to stay conscious of being in the now... recently, i become overwhelmed when i focus on all of the things that i need to get done in order to get my work out there to be seen and to have items for sale.  i end up intimidating myself and start to shut down.  so i'm trying to just take it easy and wait for the next wave of inspiration and energy to hit me.  that's one thing about myself that i've come to trust deeply...  i am creative and i have a process.  when i respect that and take care of myself creativity always comes back to me.  if i don't... its very bad news...

my goals this week are to switch to tea and have latte's only as a treat on the week-end, walk more, write more, relax more, sleep more and be present more.

i thought this cup of tea was so beautiful... i found it on the web

this looks like the latte i get at cafe' fiore' down the street from me


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