The Sound Of Paper: My Wish List...

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since i'm reading The Sound Of Paper and doing the exercises and writings i though that, well... i thought i would take a deep breath and put my wish list out there for all of the world to see... i think until i can do this without hesitation, i'm going to make myself just do it...  i'm hoping that it will inspire others to make their own wish lists and wish BIG!!  maybe if we all put our wish lists out there the universe will start to bring opportunity closer... so... here it is!!  (drum roll... prrrrummm prrrrummmm ppprrruuummm....):
  1. to be independently wealthy
  2. to help a variety of charities with donations of artwork as well as monetarily
  3. to have an amazing home with separate space for a studio/workshops and work areas for J.  we have a view of the water and trees surround us
  4. to purchase a van that has a pop-up top for camping and it is brand new... it has everything we dreamed of for camping and road tripping
  5. to spend three to six months out of the year playing, camping, exploring and travelling with J
  6. to be able to take care of my immediate family so that they never have to worry about finances again
  7. to have the olympus stylus tough camera that i've been dreaming of... it would go nicely with all of the traveling, camping and roadtrips
  8. to have an amazing espresso machine:  Jura-Capresso 13185 Impressa F7 Espresso Machine, Silver Metallic
  9. to be able to run my business from the compfort of our new home, in the studio, where there is plenty of room for all of our business needs... shipping, etc. also to potentially have an assistant who takes over for us when we're on vacation/travelling
  10. to have a personal assistant who is a perfect match for me and the way i do business.  she is wildly enthusiastic and excited about working for an artist and hopes to be able to do the same some day
  11. to be able to develop property (chelan) or be free from it and purchase our own "good energy" piece of property
  12. to create a great space for (our kitty) to be able to climb, be challenged and have other animals around her to keep her stimulated and happy
  13. to be connected in a real way to women, artists and friends who love, support and want only the best for me... my artist community
  14. to contribute in some way to helping people find their passion and always be moving towards it... they may look like workshops, books, i'm not sure yet
  15. that my family lives a long, healthy and happy loving life... i wish only the best for them because i love them so much
  16. to completely pay off all of J's bills so that he may rest in his life without worry of finances or working in a job that he doesn't love
  17. that J would find peace and abundance in his life... that he would spend his time making the terrariums that he loves to make and working with the soil (nature/earth) in some way that he finds satisfying
  18. to always be inspired to paint, explore and write
  19. to write books on how to and painting techniques, a book of photos/paintings... or whatever decides to come through me that is inspiring and contributes to the world
  20. to be in a world that has evolved consciously into a way of thinking and being that reflects non-violence and loving support always... we all help, love and support one another... no one goes hungry or doesn't have a home or needs to suffer alone, etc.
this is my wish list for now... it changes and evolves as i change and evolve...  i wish only the best for everyone.   peace, love and hapiness  - kari


  1. Dear Kari,
    this is amazing...I am in awe and inspired by your words.
    Being a BIG believer in the power of the subconcious mind I'm sure the Universe will grant all your wishes in due time. I am adding my best wishes for you that it will be sooner than later!
    Looking forward to see you at the retreat,
    Thea from Canada

  2. What a beautiful list. I love it. I hope your dreams come true! They say the first step in making dreams come true is writing them down on paper : ) So you are well on your way!


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