Living In The Now

i've been feeling really good lately and i hate how that feels suspicious to me somehow.  i feel filled and content in my life right now.  i'm always moving towards the next thing but it seems like i'm kind of getting "it" that i need to be living in the "now".  i've been practicing "now".  i do it if i'm feeling a tightening in my tummy. i do it when i'm enjoying music. i do it when i wake up in the morning. i'm actually doing it right "now"!

i've been enjoying the sunrise on my busride in the mornings. i've been enjoying the colors in the trees and the birds and squirrels that accompany me on my 1/2 mile walk across the uw campus on my way to work in the mornings.  another strange thing is that i actually caught myself the other afternoon saying, in my head, "i love my job"  it was a dreamy kind of voice. i stopped and said HEY! who said that!! and then i started thinking about it and i'm realizing that i have actually enjoyed coming back after my summer vacation. we have a new director who has implemented new ways of working that are actually creating a stress free environment for me and everyone else to work in. i feel taken care of and respected. two things that are requirements for my happiness in life where ever i am.

i've been practicing my encaustic pours lately and i'm very happy with the results... its VERY neat and clean and i love the results... i've also started to use laser ink jet photo transfers in my work... i've been using copies of my artwork and i'm really enjoying that too... i'm figuring out how to combine everything and have ideas for my next series of paintings...  i'm hoping to be painting this week-end and i'll have some images up of what i came up with when i have them...


  1. I love this crow. Makes me think a lot about my inner stuff - that I struggle with. He looks sad to me, and a bit bedraggled, but is hanging in there. LOVE your art. am checking in as often as possible to see how you grow, grow grow.
    #1 Fan..... anne

  2. I came over to visit today after reading about you at Teacher Toms. I love artists. I love how you write. And I really love that you love your job! I think being happy at our jobs is one of the most important things in life : )


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