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Working Through The Panic

"allowing"  encaustic painting 8x8" beetle girl series
i did it again... i had a really big wave of panic hit me this week-end... well, honestly its been building for a while now...  defining what success is for me is a constant battle...  when things aren't going well financially or when i talk with someone who defines success the way i used to define success (corporate job, money, house, children, cars, 401k) my insecurities flare, when i feel like i should be farther along than i am... it hits me deep and big...  what's helping me through has been talking about it with trusted friends, fellow artists, my partner... and looking back at where i've come from... i feel buoyed by their confidence in me and my dream... i created everything in my life for a reason...  i have created everything in my life around me so that i have the energy and time to create and paint... and now its time to take a big breath, again, dust myself off and allow for the next thing to…

Teacher Tom: Our Encaustic Monoprints

Hanging In There...

encaustic pour with transfers, oil paint 8x8"
lately, i've been going over some of the experiences and changes i've made in the last two to three years... phew!  there have been some really big changes in my life and i'm trying to acknowlege my acomplishments... i've gone from a corporate job at a bank wondering how i was going to make art more central in my life to taking a year or so off to travel, paint and see what would happen... i also became a creative life coach, workshop facilitator and full time artist...  when i realized that art sales here and there were not going to pay my bills i worked as a temp at the UW until i found a job that was low stress (relatively) and would support my art career... in my current job i get jul/aug off every year... this sounds fantastic in theory but again i'm restless and not enjoying living paycheck to paycheck ($20k a year, owch!)...  other skills that i have developed over the last couple of years are my website/deve…