Working Through The Panic

"allowing"  encaustic painting 8x8" beetle girl series

i did it again... i had a really big wave of panic hit me this week-end... well, honestly its been building for a while now...  defining what success is for me is a constant battle...  when things aren't going well financially or when i talk with someone who defines success the way i used to define success (corporate job, money, house, children, cars, 401k) my insecurities flare, when i feel like i should be farther along than i am... it hits me deep and big...  what's helping me through has been talking about it with trusted friends, fellow artists, my partner... and looking back at where i've come from... i feel buoyed by their confidence in me and my dream... i created everything in my life for a reason...  i have created everything in my life around me so that i have the energy and time to create and paint... and now its time to take a big breath, again, dust myself off and allow for the next thing to come in to my life...  this following your passion thing is the most mentally challenging adventure that i have ever been on... its all new territory and my goal is to keep connecting with people out there (yes you!) that are on similar journeys...  we need to stick together and support one another when we can...  help each other through when we lose faith in our dreams... and keep pushing through the dark times...

hang in there WE can do it!!


  1. good to know I am not the only one! Glad you moved through it. It comes in waves inbetween the times of being sure.

  2. Cathie,

    Thank you for your post! I went to "our" opening last night at Annie's... I have the encaustic paintings there... it was a nice turn out and people seem to be buying a lot of stuff so yeah all of us! I'm a very big fan of your work by the way! :o)

    Its snowing out in Seattle! Stay warm... Kari


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