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Below is a question I recently received in my in box and I decided to blog about it. Its a question that I get fairly regularly (and love to help with). And I know a lot of people have the same questions about starting out in the scary world of blogging.

"I write to see if you would be willing to give me some advice. I know that you have an absolutely wonderful personal internet site and that you have a blog. I want to set up my own blog and wonder if you would be willing to give me a little advice as I try this. I thought I would go to and use their template as it is reputed to be free - what do you think of this? I have an open-ended question and that is: is there anything that I should be aware of as I start this (mainly looking looking for little tidbits of advice before I fall into a deep black hole, HA!). Hope you will be willing to communicate with me if I have questions."

Hello! I would love to answer any questions you may have about blogging or... whatever I can help you with! :o)

It has taken me a while to find my voice for my blog and I expect it will continue to develop as I'm moving into this new vulnerable world of blogging.

I have an account with blogspot/blogger and wordpress is equally as nice... free is good and I don't think you should ever have to pay for blogging.

Regarding the writing… I have read a couple of books that have really helped me to find my voice and also to tie everything (my website, gallery and blog) together.

The first book is "The Sound Of Paper" by Julia Cameron. She talks about something called “morning pages” I have been writing them almost every day (actually, I've come back to them after a long while of not writing them very consistantly after reading her first book called the artist's way, another AMAZING book that got me started on my artist's journey).

Two is Art + Money... I have blogged about this book because it has set my soul on fire again and has reaffirmed my instincts for creating a web presence, including blogging.

I have found that blogging is kind of the marketing part of what you do... its almost the soul of what you do with your business... its the part where people get to see the inside scoop of who you are and how you create... its marketing without feeling like marketing... its where you let people get to know who you are, even if its just about the restaurant that you went to last night and something funny happened... the trick is you have to write from your soul... NOT so easy at first (and quite vulnerable to put this out there)... this is where the morning pages come in handy for me... I found that when I was writing from my blog I could feel people watching me... when I write from my morning pages which is at an undisclosed location... I name names, I write from my true voice... When I am done, if its blogging material I want to share, I copy and paste my words into my blog and then edit it from there... It still comes from my heart/soul but it is tapered to what I would like to reveal and share in my blogging space...

I think the most important thing is to get clear on who you are and what you want to share with people. The blog needs to be a space for sharing not selling really… Its about information giving and sharing of resources and sincerity.

I hope this information is useful for everyone! Please keep asking questions and I will do my best to help everyone! :o)


  1. Thanks Kari, you have given me some things to think about (some of which I would not have considered). This has been helpful.


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