A Fantastic Book For Artists!

So!  An artist friend of mine recommended an artist's marketing e-book to me last week called, "The Unconventional Guide To Art + Money".   (for more info please view sidebar----->)  I got it on Friday and finished it by Sunday... I gobbled it up and I loved it.  It was filled with so many resources for navigating and finding the services you'll need for a successful on-line presence.

The book is an e-book that you can download and it comes with artist interviews that you can download and listen to also.  It was so nice to hear how other artists with non-traditional backgrounds in art (like me) who are beating the odds and making it happen.  It was very encouraging and gave me the confidence that I am definitely headed in the right direction with my art career.

The book also covers setting prices, how to drive people to your sites and social networks, creating galleries and networking!

I would highly recommend this e-book to any artist starting out in the scary cyber world!  :o)


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