the last couple of weeks have been a crazy blur of events!  justin's father in the hospital, the holiday season, lack of sleep, stressing out, a few tired and cranky arguments and just plain surreal shifts in my every day routine.

i loved being able to spend time with my family.  it made things a little more tolerable...
x-mas eve at my sister's house 2009
the blur, the yells of excitement, the frenzie of present openings
family photo opp x-mas 2009

this is the time of year where i start to look back at the year and start to get excited about the new one coming up...  phew!   it was a doosie in a lot of ways!  i watched people, family, friends and the nation work through being layed off, dreams altered, health issues and i think we should all give ourselves a serious pat on the back for making it through one of the toughest years since 2000!

i've been feeling very hopeful about 2010... i dare say, i'm even feeling a little bit excited...  excited to have 2009 almost completely out of the way and hopeful about what the coming year might bring.  i'm getting started already... i have a new encaustic painting "social networking" group that i am creating and will be announcing to the world in a couple more weeks.  i have lots of plans for group exhibitions that i have already started buying supplies for.  i have been marketing in a new more efficient, community oriented way and i continue to tweak and make my website a nicer place to visit.

i am also excited because for the first time ever i'm going to be offering prints and other items made from my artwork... more to come about that in a later post...

anyway, i just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has been following this blog and thank you for sharing your lovely e-mails of support and encouragement as we all make our way through to more happiness and bliss in our lives!  happy new year and congratulations on making it through another big year!
look out 2010 here we come!!


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