"Pocket Quilts" For The Holiday

Just came across this fantastic story, and wanted to send it to you while it was so timely, respective to this holiday season.

Sociology Professor Barbara Reskin and Lynn White (another UW PhD) have been making “pocket quilts” for homeless kids.  The idea is that kids will have a place to keep their stuff and something of theirs that can keep them warm.

Barbara is going to try to deliver the quilts this weekend to an agency that will get them to children and then will begin on the next dozen.  She is looking to get more pockets—their biggest challenge by far.  A number of students in the Sociology department have already donated some (during finals week!) but Barbara and Lynn are looking for more, along with donations of things to put in the pockets: “essentials” and toys for homeless kids to keep safe, while the blankets help keep them warm.

The idea for the pockets was Barbara’s idea. She and Lynn White had been buying cotton shirt fabric for quilts at thrift stores for several years, and she’d saved the pockets.  When the homeless epidemic began, it occurred to her that quilts for homeless children would give kids a place to keep their stuff and something of their own to cuddle up in.  Only later did she decide to fill all the pockets which is why she finds herself needing some “essentials”  (e.g., pencil sharpeners and small flashlights) at the last minute. 

Here's how you can help:

Contact: Barbara Reskin at 206/323-1753 or cell is 478-4710, or email reskin@u.washington.edu
Contact: Patricia Gray, Community Relations Manager at Wellspring Family Services, 206.826.3038 x 115, or email pgray@wellspringff.org

Donations of pockets and small items to go in the pockets can be directed to: Wellspring Family Services, 1900 Rainier Ave S, Seattle WA  98144. Phone: 206-826-3050.


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