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Here's The Other Painting I Sold Last Week-End

Thanks Paula!!

SOLD! More Paintings Sold Over The Week-End! (woo!)

I sold another couple of paintings to really nice, cool peoples over the week-end!  Yeah!!!  :o]
Here they are!
she looks very happy in her new home!  thanks chris!!  :O)

PUBLISHED!! Bricolage

I just wanted to share with everyone that my artwork has recently been published for the first time at the University of Washington through the Literary Arts Journal called Bricolage.  Here's the publication (#26) and the image they used of my artwork, metamorphosis.  (p.  59)!  :o]                     (yeah!)

Bricolage Issue #26

Metamorphosis 8"x8" Encaustic Painting:  by me!

Beeswax Team Holiday Exchange (part II)

Beth Billups With Her New 6"x6" Holiday Exchange Gift  "Sheep Patterns" by me!  :o ]
There are more images posted now with my encaustic group The Beeswax Team.  This holiday exchange was so fun that I hope we do it again VERY soon.  I loved making the 6"x6" piece I made for Beth and it was so nice to receive a piece from someone that I've never met before...
Please take a moment and check out the other encaustic paintings that people got:
Have a great day!

Encaustic Holiday 6"x6" Painting Exchange: update

Over the holidays I participated in one of my Encaustic Painting Groups, "The Bee Team" for a holiday exchange.  The person who ended up painting a painting for me was: Tirzah DeCaria

Here is the painting I received... Thank you Tirzah, I love my new little painting. Its hanging on the wall in my hallway. 6"x6" untitled encaustic, mixed media painting (front)
me holding my new painting!  (love it!)
I'm looking forward to seeing other people's pieces and will post more images after Wednesday.

Creating A Triptych: Part II

I've moved on to the next couple of layers with an additional design.  Stay tuned for part III, IV...

phase II triptych panels

More information coming soon...   Have a great day!

Creating A Triptych

I have been working on a triptych encaustic piece this week-end.  It is my first time painting one so I'm pretty excited about it.  I'm going to be submitting it for an exhibition that will be coming up later in the year.  I'm in stage one which is doing the first couple of layers with paint... I have used acrylic paints and water so far and will be adding wax and pigment in the next stage... I also bought several 8"x8" boards that I will be painting more sheep on... I'm really enjoying these little guys... They make me smile!  :o)
Here are the images that I worked on last night in my Seattle studio.  I hope you enjoy them!  I'll post more images as I progress along and then let you guys know if I actually get selected to show my triptych!!  (eee!)
in the studio
untitled triptych center panel

untitled triptych panel I
untitled triptych panel III More to come soon...

Dreaming About The Year Ahead...

I've been dreaming about the year ahead of me and I've been feeling excited and hopeful...  I feel the momentum of a small dream growing day by day and feel myself getting closer to the life that I've imagined and am living in my head...  I'm also careful to appreciate what I have now and one of my challenges is to enjoy the process along the way to accomplishing my goals.
I wanted to share four encaustic paintings that I painted a couple of weeks ago with you... They are made with beeswax, pigment, tissue paper and oil paint.  The size is 8"x8" on board with 1.5" cradle.  These sheep I originally painted as oil paintings about a year or so ago and all of them sold.  I've been missing their cheerful little faces so I brought them back in a little bit different medium.  I hope you enjoy them!  :o)
sheep patterns I
sheep patterns II
sheep patterns III

sheep patterns IV