Dreaming About The Year Ahead...

I've been dreaming about the year ahead of me and I've been feeling excited and hopeful...  I feel the momentum of a small dream growing day by day and feel myself getting closer to the life that I've imagined and am living in my head...  I'm also careful to appreciate what I have now and one of my challenges is to enjoy the process along the way to accomplishing my goals.

I wanted to share four encaustic paintings that I painted a couple of weeks ago with you... They are made with beeswax, pigment, tissue paper and oil paint.  The size is 8"x8" on board with 1.5" cradle.  These sheep I originally painted as oil paintings about a year or so ago and all of them sold.  I've been missing their cheerful little faces so I brought them back in a little bit different medium.  I hope you enjoy them!  :o)

sheep patterns I

sheep patterns II

sheep patterns III

sheep patterns IV


  1. These are charming, Kari! I can see why the oils sold.

    It seems like you've been working so hard since we connected earlier this year. The other day I was reading a story Mister Rogers told about himself. When he was just starting out, he'd written a dozen or so songs and took them to a music publisher. The guy said something like, "These are good. Now go write 100 more and we'll talk." Maybe you've always worked this hard, but from where I sit, you have more than written your 100 songs and have every reason to be excited.

    Happy New Year!

  2. thank you tom! my heart is warm from your lovely comment... :o)

    its my dream to support myself through my art and everyone that i have watched succeed and that I aspire to be like, work VERY hard, every day... and make it look effortless... so that's what i do too because i want what they have... to follow their passion, make it work and love the life they are living...

    i love my art, i love my dream and i love my life! :o)


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