First BIG Giveaway!!!

Hello Everyone!!

OH!!!  I'm SO excited!!  This is my first big blog giveaway of items that will soon be available in my new etsy store!!   (stay tuned for my GRAND opening...  coming soon!)

Okay, so here are the rules:

I want everyone to leave just one comment and it can be only two words... (yes, that's TWO words only!)  Please answer the following question:

What is the best thing about your life right now?

That's it GO!!!

The deadline for comments is:  April 4th (midnight) and the winner will be selected shortly there after, by me.  I will be selecting five winners!  Each winner will receive one of the following prizes:
  1. prize - necklace/1" glass tile
  2. prize - magnet/1" glass tile
  3. prize - necklace/1" glass tile
  4. prize - magnet/1" glass tile
  5. prize - necklace/1" glass tile
Good Luck and I will announce the lucky winners after the April 4th deadline.  (here are some of the prizes that I will be giving out!  (woooo!)
                                            necklace (front)                                 necklace (back)

                                        magnet (front)                                   magnet (back)

   magnet (front)                                   magnet (back)


  1. Best thing in my life right now? Being able to live the creative life every single day ---hands down!

  2. wooo! keep 'em comin' peoples!! woooo!

  3. Kari, Lovely idea. The best thing is my life is personal and intellectual freedom.

  4. Having the inspiration and ability to create art.

  5. Not going to use something that's already been said soooo:

    Schools ending! haha :)

    orangeinsanity [at] hotmail [dot] com

  6. no stress :)


  7. Best thing of my life right now is that my paintings start to get accepted in juried shows!

  8. Hi Roomie. Don't forget me. Love your necklaces & characters., Something about them must touch my soul. Can I cheat and enter a bunch of times>?

  9. o. dear. dis I post that last comment? Must make sure I get my name in at least a couple times!!

  10. Great idea Kari. Best thing in my life right now, sunshine and spring flowers everywhere in our garden, and the bees are coming back.
    Best of luck.

  11. My son is coming to see me Saturday! Overjoyed...

  12. Art History!
    Prof Freeman rocks, and it's sooo cool to walk into MoMA and look around the room and be able to tell which artist created which work without reading the labels!

    Marcie Wolf

  13. This is such an awesome idea! Great marketing :)

  14. Pepper & Frankie

  15. each new day


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