learning curve...

focus for the week...
i finally got my "glamour" glaze (it only took two days but it seemed like an eternity to me!) from Annie Howes (thanks Annie!!). I love this glaze very much because it also works as a glue for my necklaces and i highly recommend this product to anyone who is making glass tile jewelry right now. :o)

i'm finding that with this new adventure comes a little bit of a learning curve for me... each piece i make i learn more and want to make another one to do it even better... i've decided to make my first batch of necklaces into magnets for our refridgerator because i've come up with an even better and more perfect way of making these necklace that i'll soon have for sale... i don't want to put out a product that i'm not 100 percent happy with so i don't mind making people wait just a little bit longer before i start to fill my etsy shop (sorry!).

i truly love being able to make something from my artwork that i can have around my neck and look at whenever i want to... i also like being able to give something new as gifts for my family when their birthday's come up or just because...

i will be posting more images after i finish with the next round of necklaces... have a fabulous monday and week!

PS: i'm very excited to be getting my new laser printer some time this week... (i had previously ordered one but it was the wrong one so i had to send it back. aarrg!)


  1. My goodness Kari.......you are ambitious! I love the concept and the pieces to go into a necklace. What a wonderful idea!



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