a week-end to myself...

this week-end is the first week-end i've had to myself in so long that i can't even remember...  i turned off my cell phone, cancelled all plans and just... did nothing...  nothing, that is, but anything i felt like doing...  i've been making necklaces and trying to perfect my technique... these little guys have been getting a lot of attention and i haven't even officially introduced them to the world yet!  i'm finishing up a good amount of them today and then i'll have to spend the week writing descriptions and taking photos of my work... i'm going to offer a small amount first in my etsy store to see how they do and i'll be having a giveaway on my blog too... (shhh!  its a secret...)   i'll let you know a few days ahead of when i'll be doing that...  its going to be so fun!  i can hardly wait!!!  :o]

i went on a walk this morning down to the beach...  its kind of grey and sunny and cool...  here are some photos from my walk...  and YES!!!  those stairs were killer on my hiney!!  three sets of them and YES!!  i did it and will be doing this on a more regular basis to get ready for our trip to hawaii in april...

have a wonderful, productive and hopeful week... SPRING IS COMING!!!!  (yeah!!!)
steps #1 (looking up them) 

steps #2 (looking up them) 
steps #3 (looking down them) 

prickly... kind of like me this week-end
beautiful horse tail by a small creek

i love sailboats and blue

its amazing to me just how far out my camera can zoom in...

macro image of a snarled root of some kind along the beach

rusty rock

i love water images

snarly weathered tree on the beach


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