day 8 and 9 of my new vegan life! :o ]

i'm on day 9 of my new vegan life style!  today i treated myself to a saitan sandwich  with potato salad on it!!  at my favorite vegan cafe hillside quickies (funny name, awesome food). 

last week on day 4 and 5 of my detoxing from dairy, coffee and white processed sugar i got slammed  (HARD!!) with an overload of dairy toxins trying to leave my body!  I had every symptom of having the flu... i was boated (ouchie!), 101 degree temperature, nausiated, couldn't sleep, i was in agony!  i guess when you've gone your whole life believing that dairy is what you're supposed to be eating for optimal health, calcium, protein and well being and then you take it away...  the body is going to reward you with a pretty harsh detox!  i got some macro acidophilus and finally felt amazing and renewed completely well on day 6... almost glowing...
:o ]  (yeah!  i made it... but MAN! if i would have had any knowledge of how bad that was going to be i honestly don't know if i would have done that!)

there have been a lot of really good changes in my body and my moods since i committed to this new vegan journey...  i was really worried that i would have dips in energy in my day and that i would be tired all of the time...  i have never felt so clean both inside and out!  i have not had any dips in energy at all starting on day 6 and 7... not even at 3:00 pm my usual dip time!  i find that i have a lot of excitement around eating right now.  everything that i'm eating is a new adventure and education in what vitamins i'm getting and how i can mix it with whole grains or soups...  i'm using the recipes from the kind diet and haven't really found one thing that i'm not open to trying at least once...  whole grains are my new best friend and fresh yummy produce from whole foods or the farmer's market (yeah support your local farmers!)  i have recently purchased a beautiful black rice called "forbidden" rice... i feel SO naughty!  its really good mixed with the short grain brown rice and jasmine rice and its pretty to look at too...

we're getting ready to go to maui for justin's dad's memorial so i'll be out of touch for a little while but will be back with tropical photos and hopefully very rested and ready to start a new chapter in our lives...

take care and i'll share more soon...


  1. wow - vegan. cool. I do love vegan and vegetarian food. I just aim to eat more of it rather than sign up wholeheartedly. I eating a lot of chana dhal at the moment.....

  2. yum! is chana dhal like indian lentals? i've really been enjoying the new way my body feels and i have especially been enjoying just how MUCH food i can eat and i'm still losing weight!

    i look forward to getting to know you better in class in may!

    take care,

    kari j young

  3. WOW vegan life style sounds really cool! COngratz on your achivement so far! Thanks for sharing your new life style with us and your experience! So happy to have found your very inspiring space! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to yoU!

  4. Hello! Just stopping by from Kelly Rae's Flying Lessons class. Looking forward to getting started!

    All the best with your vegan lifestyle, that sandwich looks very yummy!

    take care,

    Miriam xoxo
    Blog -

  5. Thanks for stopping by Miriam! I'm excited to get to know everyone... Lets stay in touch! :o)

    See you in class!

    Kari J Young

  6. Hi Kari,

    Just popped over from Kelly Rae's class to introduce myself. That sandwich is making me hungry! I'm a veggy girl too and I wish we had a deli like that in Salem, OR. I will have to check out Alicia's book. See you in class!
    Happy May Day Kari!


  7. Hi Jenny!

    Thank you for saying hello! I can hardly wait to get to know everyone and get the class started! :o]

    I went to school at the UO in Eugene, OR and am originally from Oregon so I feel like we're practically neighbors! :o)

    Have a great day!

    Kari J Young


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