A Transition From Vegetarianism to Vegan

I finished the book I was reading by Alicia Silverstone called, "The Kind Diet".  I am now officially in love with being a vegan.  Today is my official start day... kind of like a birthday... Happy Vegan Day!!!  I like the sound of that!

Over the week-end I carefully poured over each recipe in Alicia's book and created a one week plan for myself.   I then made my first venture into Whole Foods Market  I hadn't realized it but I actually spent almost two hours there looking at all of the yummy foods that they have and I was able to get almost everything on my list for my new vegan pantry.  

Last night after I got home I made quinoa with basil, roasted pine nuts (GOD! these are expensive little buggers!!! $29.99 a pound) and olive oil.  I also made the brown rice treats which are a lot like rice crispee treats (better!).  They have a few non dairy chocolate chips that I sprinkled on the top yum!  I also had an amazing mixed green salad and a cleansing tea made from shredded carrot, a japanese plum and white radish that I drank the broth from last night before bed.

This morning I'm definitely feeling the detoxing...  No more coffee, no more dairy or other animal products...  I think it will mostly be a smooth transition though...  Join me if you'd like!  We can share our stories here if you'd like...  I'm in full support of anyone who would like to become vegetarian, vegan or otherwise... healthy eating here we come!!  Woooo!

Now down to business:  And the winners of my first big blog giveaway are (place drum roll here):

Emily: embracing unknown
Mylinda: endless possibility
Sherrie Posternak: open heart
Kristin Gannon: beginners mind 
Janene Larson: girly giggles

Please contact me with your mailing addresses and I will send out your prize!

Thank you so much for everyone's participation.  It was actually difficult to pick just five!  I will be doing another giveaway very soon!

Stay tuned for more vegan adventures coming soon...


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