another workshop!

violets on my walk the other day
I did my first video diary this morning and it was easier than I thought it was going to be! :o] It was kind of fun and a little bit emotional as I spoke about people who have influenced my creative journey in the last year or so... and how my week was last week (SUCKED!) and how its better now looking down the home stretch to June 30th... I'm doing a lot of cleaning, organizing and preparing for my summer off... I want to hit the ground running with the projects I have brewing and I want my creative business more clearly defined and working more smoothly.
another workshop i'm taking starting this sunday
I've signed up for a second workshop that starts Sunday! Its called Mondo Beyondo and there is a "badge" for it if you scroll down a bit on the right hand side of this blog. I like to have a lot of things going at once and I find that I've been needing something to push me back into the excitement of my life and my blooming creative career! This workshop is about dreaming bigger and bravely taking steps towards that dream(s).
love my waffles with hot maple syrup and roasted walnuts and fruit for breakfast!
tulips for justin
This is my second month vegan and I'm still excited about better health, better skin and my body is still feeling better and better inside and out. I continue to lose a pound or two a week and its funny how hopeful this makes me feel... It seems connected to everything that I'm doing right now. My mind feels more open to the possibilities in my life and I love experimenting with new recipes and making REALLY yummy desserts that I can eat guilt free!!

Goals For This Week:
Work hard at my job-job to get everything done before summer starts and keep things more balanced with better communication, compassion and empathy...


  1. oh yum! that breakfast looks great!
    i've heard good things about mondo beyondo-- have fun!

  2. I love that your creative career is blooming! When I read this my heart soared! I am so ridiculous happy about this but I an inspired easily especially by other creatives CREATING the life they truly desire. Good for you!


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