Clearing In Order To Create More Space...

oh dear god!  it got worse than this!!
i've been feeling really good lately... i'm taking a couple of workshops that seem to be helping me with all of the things i've been procrastinating on...  i feel like i'm cleaning up and preparing for my life to start awakening to where it should be...

on sunday i started pulling everything out to the center of my studio floor!  i mean everything! the mondo beyondo workshop i've been taking has us working on creating a physical clearing in order to make space for more to come in to our lives...  i want REALLY big things to come in to my life so i am doing a REALLY big cleaning!!  trust me it has gotten a lot better since i took this photo...  i will take some "after" photos so that you can see the difference...  i can't tell you just how excited i was to start pulling art supplies and drawers filled with beeswax, pigments, brushes, paints, tools...  i've gotten a little out of touch with my creative side this year...  its been a little crazy with a full time job and other family things going on...  the dust has settled now and my summer is starting in 30 days!!!  i'm going to be ready for it!
in two weeks my goal is to be painting again and tomorrow i am going to be sketching in preparation of painting...
organizing templates
 a real shipping area!
oh!  the smell of beeswax!   i love it!
oh the plan for making more necklaces is BIG BIG BIG!!
the peonies have bloomed outside the studio and they are my favorite!

my mondo beyondo list:

okay!  i'm going to be really brave and share my mondo beyondo list with everyone...  these are my secret wishes and bravest dreams, for now...
  • to be able to make a living from my creative career
  • to stay true to my values and dreams in all decisions that i make
  • to have a tricked out VW Eurovan (or equivalent) so that justin and i can go camping and road tripping whenever we want to
  • i want a home of our own that we can remodel exactly the way we want it... it has the space outside for a garden and has a large patio for entertaining... it might even have a pool!  and we have an amazing view...  workshops are taught out of the "mother-in-law" house we have on the property and we have enough land that we might get a few goats or chickens...  a few dogs...
  • i would like to be able to live in different homes throughout the year... a home closer to my parents for 3 months, one in chelan and another that alternates... san francisco, new york, maine, france, italy...
  • i would like to be gifted a VERY large sum of money that would enable us to pay off all of our debt and buy a house outright...  we would only have to worry about the next fun thing we were going to do...  what photos we were going to be taking of the cool barn tour that we would plan out...
  • i would like to be donating artwork or creative services to help raise funds for various charities... there are so many good charities to donate to...
  • i would like to help women realize the strength they have in making their dreams come true... dream it believe it and take action... you can do it!!  we all can!
that is basically my list for now...  i'm putting it out there and we'll see what happens...


  1. am checking out lady, and its really fab. and concise! I spewed forth reams and reams of stuff!!

  2. just stopping by to say "hi". I'm a fellow "taking flight" class member...will be back for another visit soon!

  3. clean it up!!
    i like it...and i am inspired to do the same.

  4. hmm. half my comment seems to have gone missing! Are you doing mondo beyondo and the kellyrae too? I am. its kind of intense.

  5. I would love it if you submitted your comment again! :o]

    I am taking flight and mondo beyondo... they compliment each other well together! :o]

    And YES!! its intense! I love it! How are you doing?

  6. Love your list! I am taking Mondo Beyondo and Taking Flight also and I'm amazed and how much they tie much to think about! I am loving both of them.

  7. pic#1 loked so familiar to my space I thought 'how did that pic get here!" Good job decluttering! Keep going...with love from a fellow flyer

  8. Oh Robin! : ]

    I love your etsy shop! You are so brave! I wish you much success with your new venture!!


    Kari J Young

  9. Hi Kari, I love this list. Although I'm not artistic {at all!} or doing either of the e-courses it's inspirational to read how the bloggers taking them are doing; very uplifting!

    I hope you achieve all your dreams :-)

  10. Hi Laura,

    Thanks for stopping by! And thank you for your well wishes!

    Have a lovely day!




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