another tasty sandwich from "hillside quickies"

its been almost a month now since my new vegan lifestyle began and i can't tell you how good i feel inside and out.  i've had a few people comment on how mellow i seem and i know emotionally i feel more balanced.  i was really getting to a point where my inner voice was just anxious and unsatisfied all of the time (it was torture!).  i was having several dips of low energy every day which fed my addiction to more coffee or the bowl that sits in front of me (at my job-job) filled with mini candy bars.  (yes, i was sneaking them all day long... just one or two here... and one or two there...)  my skin looks more hydrated and overall is looking and feeling better.  for right now, in my first few months of this new way of eating i have given myself permission to eat as much whole grain and vegetables as i'd like.  i'm eating a bigger breakfast, having miso soup and whole grain toast and tea.  it fuels me for the start of my day.  for lunch i've been eating whatever i've made for the week on sunday...  this week it will be lentil stew and whole grain rice...  my cravings have stopped completely and i don't have dips anymore at all...  for dinner justin and i have salads, wraps or whatever sounds good after a long busy day...  this is my favorite part of my day when i get to sit down and have a nice dinner with my life partner.  :o]

another nice side effect...  i've been losing weight at the rate of a couple of pounds a week...  so far i've lost seven pounds and i'd like to lose another ten...  i'm just going to wait and see what happens without expectation...

we went to maui a week ago to release justin's dad's ashes into the pacific ocean near where he and anne were married...  it was a trip filled with relaxation, anticipation, anxiety, love and release...  it was one of the most special and powerful memorials i've ever been to and i feel grateful to have been a part of such a lovely ceremony.

I'm looking forward to going back under different circumstances and staying for much longer...  it was a difficult trip.

my challenge:
i'm restless...  what is it that i'm not learning from life...  how do i connect more and make my life more valuable here... how can i help?  maybe this needs to be my new mantra...  how can i be of service here in this life time...  how do i feel more valued and like i'm contributing my life to the greater good globally...

i have signed up for a 5 week online course with kelly rae roberts that starts later this month called, "Flying Lessons, Tips & Tricks To Help Your Creative Business Soar".  i'm already meeting new people from all over the world and it feels really good to be connecting with like minded people who are trying to create a life more in line with their passions.


  1. good for you on the new diet- sounds like you're doing great with it.

    i'm excited about the flying lessons, too- and glad that thru it, i stumbled upon your blog...

  2. Great! See you in class tomorrow... your name caught my eyes immediately. Change the first letter to a "T" and it would be me. Crazy!
    Happy creations from tj in germany


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