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new work on etsy

"waiting for kitty treats" "i said...  kitty treats, please"
- if you are interested in purchasing prints of these two new paintings you may do so here.

lunch & a little walk today...

vegan burger at Hillside Quickies

i always try to find a little piece of nature where ever i am...

dear diary...


my dismantling

i believe that i am in the middle of a dismantling of sorts… it is a letting go of ego (as much as that’s possible) and an ever growing belief and trust that what the universe is allowing, showing and providing me is exactly what i need… it IS possible to trust, receive and allow the magic and mystery of life, to come into my heart and to trust that where i am is exactly where i am supposed to be… i am allowing trust… this is my dismantling.

Kari J Young

camera effects...

just outside my studio... i've been experimenting with some new camera effects i got a while ago...  here are a few photos i took today out and about in the sunshine...
maggie i made wishes today and watched them float away... this is my sacred wish bowl justin's plants on an old tray glass gifts from justin a fox glove outside our door our welcome sign outside our door home sweet home

Still Organizing & Clearing Space...

i continue to organize and clean this week-end (after i go for a walk on this beautiful day!) and it feels SO good to be doing this!
cucumbers and celery from my macro lens setting
last night i made sushi and went to bed early...  its been so busy at my job-job and i'm so ready for my summer vacation to start...  its nice to make good food for myself when i get home...  it makes me feel nurtured inside and out.

my on-line workshops are awesome!  i'm getting so many new resources to use to grow my business and i'm surrounded by classmates who are all moving towards their dreams...  its VERY exciting to be around so much good creative energy!

i'll post some photos of what i find on my walk in a little while...  have a great day where ever you are!!  :o]