lunch & a little walk today...

vegan burger at Hillside Quickies

i always try to find a little piece of nature where ever i am...


  1. I have started doing those feet shots. its like here I am on my walk! I love the Best Door. Did you find that or did you write it?

  2. Hello! :o)

    This is a public art display on the UW campus that I walk by every morning on my way to work and the heart and words were there when I arrived...

    I like the feet photos too... Its about where you are in that particular moment and I like the metaphore.

    Have a lovely day!


  3. I have it on good authority that only really AWESOME people have shoes like that :-D xx

  4. Nice peek into your day.

    That veggie burger looks luscious. Today is the anniversary of when my husband proposed to me - we found a new little veggie organic (mostly) restaurant to go to tonight. Do hope that their vegie burger lives up to this one because it's going to be on my mind the rest of the day!

    Yes. the Best Door is always ... the best door :o)

  5. congratulations on your anniversary! :o]

    you'll have to fill me on the meal you guys get this evening... (send photos if you can sneak them... tee-hee!)

    i can let you know which brands of veggie burgers i like or other brands of vegetarian or vegan products i like if you want, at some point... if you're interested.

    take care xox,



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