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pushpa and kari

i just got back from a trip to jacksonville, fl to visit my soul sister (aunt), pushpa...  we first met when i was about two or three years old and she was about six or seven and we've giggled and stayed in touch ever since then...
kari and pushpa (st augustine, fl)

she's the person that i call when everything is going wrong and when everything is going right...  during my trip i had amazing home cooked indian meals, we did yoga, we walked on the beach and talked and talked and talked... we took road trips and went to a psychic!  its so nice to get away from my life every once in a while and just live a different life for a while...  another bonus was that i got to get to know my cousin, kaliyani and my uncle glenn better...  i felt very spoiled while i was there.
thursday's artwalk, neptune beach, fl

i participated in the artwalk in jacksonville, neptune beach...  it was great to socialize, meet new people  and i now have a shop or two that will be selling my work!  (yeah!)

i'm back now and getting used to the time difference again and climate change...  

things i'm workin on right now:
  • building my on line store
  • painting
  • relaxing
i'll let everyone know as soon as i have new work up and have my store up and running for my originals.  if you'd like to buy prints or necklaces you can go to my etsy store for now.

next week...  i'll be out in chelan, wa painting up a storm... no distractions just painting, painting, painting!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS! And your friendship sounds amazing...

  2. we're very lucky to have each other and tell each other that all the time! :o)

  3. THat sounds like a fabulous trip. I am totally longing for a spell hanging out with my soul mates....

    well done on the shops selling your stuff too! wooo hoooooo

  4. moyra:

    it was... it was just what i needed... more than i realized! :o)

    thank you for your encouragement! i need every little bit that i can get!

    have a great day!

  5. that is so sweet- having a long relationship like yours is such a gift!


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