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Shakti Vinyasa Here I Come!

8"x8" encaustic mixed media painting
5"x5" encaustic mixed media painting
about a month ago i went to visit my aunt in jacksonville, fl.  while i was there i took two shakti vinyasa yoga classes, sweated myself to pieces and realized what i've been missing in my life, besides the company of my aunt, of course!  :o-]   i love yoga and i've missed it terribly!  this evening i had my first intro class at my new yoga studio.  i have been craving the whole mind/body, spiritual/physical piece in my life.  it is essential in my new creative life to help keep me grounded to help creative energy flow and i want that "yoga" body that i see in the majority of the people who are practicing there!  thursday is my second class in an eight part series and i'm already looking forward to it.  after that unlimited yoga plan  a month!  wooo! more paintingmore finishing paintingsnew paintingsorder "floating frames" for some of my work (frames look VERY s…

Phinney Ridge: Winter Fest Application

Well... I did it...  I applied to the Phinney Neighborhood "Winter Fest"!  Of course, TODAY was the deadline... I guess I like to push it a little bit sometimes...  It gets my heart pounding!  Here is what I will be selling in December (+ a few more surprises that you'll have to see in person!)  I'll have more information closer to the date.  (that is, if i'm accepted)

If you would like to enter the Phinney Ridge Winter Fest you may do so here.  Good Luck!

I'm currently finishing up a collection of work for a salon downtown and I will be sharing more about that around the first couple of weeks of September!  Wooo!  I'm excited!!

Happy Monday!

Finishing A Few Pieces Today...

encaustic painting 5"x5"
encaustic painting 5"x5"
I've been working away in my studio this week-end and have finally finished a few more paintings.  I always feel a little bit anxious right before I finish a piece because with encaustic paintings, until you buff them with a soft cloth, they look very dull...  Its nerve racking to think that I put so much work into a painting only to have it look dull and lifeless!
I've been Creative Life Coaching a lot more lately and I just love it!  I love watching my clients get excited about moving towards their dreams and watching them as they achieve success in their lives.  I  would love to have two more clients so if you are interested please let me know.  I usually work with creative people who are just starting their own business.  I have lots of resources and can help you with getting a website set up and can teach you how to upload your images yourself or just do it for you if you prefer.   You can read more about …

Inside My Studio This Week...

i've been painting and painting this week-end... preparing for the holiday season and for a couple of places i've promised new work...  (i'll write more about this as we get closer to september and october...)

here's what the inside of my studio looks like right now... its kind of messy but its GOOD messy!  :o]

encaustic painting today...

raven photo by:  linda j young a collaborative encaustic piece with my mom linda j young