Inside My Studio This Week...

i've been painting and painting this week-end... preparing for the holiday season and for a couple of places i've promised new work...  (i'll write more about this as we get closer to september and october...)

here's what the inside of my studio looks like right now... its kind of messy but its GOOD messy!  :o]


  1. Woweee, Kari! That looks fabulous and looks like you've certainly been on a very productive roll. Will these paintings be on your Etsy?

    Hope you're keeping well :o)


  2. miss you. nice to hear you are in your studio

  3. Ren,

    I'm debating right now about etsy... I think I'm going to sell necklaces and prints there and then sell original paintings on my website... I'll let everyone know when that happens... I tend to sell a lot of my work off-line in galleries and studios, holiday shows, etc and then more affordable work on etsy.

  4. Anne,

    I miss you too... Summer's been a little rough on me this year... thought i was getting the whole summer off and it turns out i'm temping to bring in some extra income... :o)

    here's to one day being entirely self-sufficient with my artwork/creative business!

    wooo! livin' the dream BABY!! living the dream! :o)


  5. wow, cool that you have been so creatively busy!


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