Shakti Vinyasa Here I Come!

 8"x8" encaustic mixed media painting

5"x5" encaustic mixed media painting

about a month ago i went to visit my aunt in jacksonville, fl.  while i was there i took two shakti vinyasa yoga classes, sweated myself to pieces and realized what i've been missing in my life, besides the company of my aunt, of course!  :o-]   i love yoga and i've missed it terribly!  this evening i had my first intro class at my new yoga studio.  i have been craving the whole mind/body, spiritual/physical piece in my life.  it is essential in my new creative life to help keep me grounded to help creative energy flow and i want that "yoga" body that i see in the majority of the people who are practicing there!  thursday is my second class in an eight part series and i'm already looking forward to it.  after that unlimited yoga plan  a month!  wooo!
  • more painting
  • more finishing paintings
  • new paintings
  • order "floating frames" for some of my work (frames look VERY slick with encaustic paintings dropped in!)
  • more good, healthy, vegan eating, drink more water
  • loving new "O.N.E." Coconut Water! (yum! electrolytes and everything!)
  • keep going with the creative life coaching and take on one or two new clients!
  • sign up for new on-line  workshop this week-end "Unraveling, Living In My World" (combines, photography, self discovery, writing, fun into an on-line course)  Susannah rocks! (hi!)
i'm getting into the swing of things again...  a new routine, healthier than before... we'll see how it goes...
have a wonderful day and please let  me know how you're doing today!  I love hearing from you!  I REALLY do!!  I want to know what is inspiring you today...



  1. woohoo. you sound all fired up and ready to blast! I totally love yoga, and miss it terribly when I don't do it. no, that's wrong, when I do do it, I realise how much I miss it when I don't. Your creative life coaching thing sound interesting. how did you get into that?

  2. Hi Moyra! :o]

    i got into Life Coaching because i went to a Life Coach myself. i was working in the corporate world trying to figure out how to make a 24/7 job work with my creative aspirations. i couldn't figure out how to do it on my own and found a coach to help me. i LOVED it! i realized i was already coaching people, naturally, in my life and it was a very natural step to go and get my coach training and become a coach myself.

    i hope you're doing well!


  3. Kari, I love these pieces! You may know from Catherine that my daughter Maggie wears your art on a necklace! Funny how lives intersect.

    So happy that you're feeling so great and are doing so much to keep the creative flow flowing!

  4. Heather! :)

    So nice to hear from you!! Yes, Catherine told me and I LOVE full circle, small world stories!!

    Thank you for starting me out on my creative path... You helped give me the confidence I needed to re-prioritize my life... :)

    Stay in touch,



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