me in the morning light waiting for my bus to go to my temp job

this morning i woke up and i felt tired...  this is different from my get up and get going attitude i usually have in the morning.  i decided to stay home today (from my temping job-job) and just take care of myself.  my back has been bothering me and i've had a bit of a headache for a couple of days now.  last week-end i painted for three days straight and in addition to my new vegan lifestyle have brought yoga back into my life...  quite frankly... i'm pooped out!

the exciting news is that i have two solo shows coming up.  woooooooo!  :o)  the first one will be at (drum roll here) the very shee shee foo foo salon Gary Manuel Salon in downtown Seattle.  I have been working with heather by e-mail so far to make sure i'm prepped and ready to start hanging my work in their salon on monday.  heather had attended one of my holiday shows at annie's art and frame earlier this year and saw some of my work there.  i got an e-mail from her shortly after asking me if i'd like to show some work in their salon.  i replied with a huge grin on my face YES!!  so here i am pooped out because i've been preparing pieces, finishing them, wiring them for hanging, getting an inventory list together, title cards/pricing, business cards, etc... phew!  all the while working 8-5 at a temp job trying to support my passion as i make it happen every day a little bit closer... one more step each day...

the second solo show i have coming up i will tell you more about when we get closer to the date... coming up in just a few more weeks...  stay tuned!  :o)

good things:

  • signed up for susannah's on-line workshop that starts later this month called Unravelling: Living In My World (there's only a few more spaces left if you'd like to sign up... you have to have taken the first course Unravelling: Ways Of Seeing Myself first).  I can hardly wait to start this course.  Its about photography, writing, self discovery all kinds of juicy soul searching topics!
  • i started going to my shakti vinyasa yoga studio again i crave it from the moment i get up to the moment i go to sleep at night.
  • OMG!  i have two solo shows!  one for september and one for october!  i'm scared nervous and excited all at once!
  • i've been cooking all of our meals with fresh veggies, whole grains and fresh fruits and i feel SO healthy and good inside and out.

let me know if you are showing work anywhere and i'll show it on this post.  lets all support each other as we move closer to our dreams!  woooo!  :o)

take care and if you're feeling warn out or pooped out please take the time to take a day for yourself.  you need to recharge and relax every once in a while.


storm brewing in chelan, wa right before a spectacular thunder & lightning storm

my baby brought me white flox... they were so pretty


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