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so i've had a few old cashmere sweaters waiting for just the right project, neatly folded away, in my yarn bag.  recently, justin bought us a new sewing machine so for the first project i made a healing monster...  i love him... he's so cute and so flawed... so lovable!  i ended up making all of the women in my life one for Xmas!  i'm happy to say that i'm getting better and better the more i make them.
today i just finished making a couple of hats and two scarves from my sweaters and i have enough material to make a few more skinnier scarf/tubes.  (i'll share more photos after i finish)
tomorrow i have the day off and i'm going to spend the day in my studio taking photos and uploading items for my etsy shop.  i will make an announcement when i have it ready to go for people to purchase items there.
i hope you have a wonderful week... hugs!  xox  kari

Welcoming 2011

this morning i got up a little early to watch the sun rise, write a little and read a little.  i feel so content when i get up and have time to myself before everyone else rises...  in a little while dogs will be tearing down the hallway, playing, barking, people will be taking showers, making coffee, talking and figuring out what to do for the day...  for now, the sun is rising, there's a heavy, whispey layer of foggy clouds on the surface of the lake that makes the lake look like its frozen solid or not water at all but land.  i feel content and happy in this moment.
i've not really thought about my year, last year now, very much.  normally, i'm all over it!  i know exactly what i've done, what i've accomplished but looking back i'm thinking that maybe things are calming down a little...  i'm feeling a little more settled into my life, where ever its taking me.  i definitely set goals and there's always movement but the urgency to make it completely an…