so i've had a few old cashmere sweaters waiting for just the right project, neatly folded away, in my yarn bag.  recently, justin bought us a new sewing machine so for the first project i made a healing monster...  i love him... he's so cute and so flawed... so lovable!  i ended up making all of the women in my life one for Xmas!  i'm happy to say that i'm getting better and better the more i make them.

today i just finished making a couple of hats and two scarves from my sweaters and i have enough material to make a few more skinnier scarf/tubes.  (i'll share more photos after i finish)

tomorrow i have the day off and i'm going to spend the day in my studio taking photos and uploading items for my etsy shop.  i will make an announcement when i have it ready to go for people to purchase items there.

i hope you have a wonderful week... hugs!  xox  kari


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