Welcoming 2011

this morning i got up a little early to watch the sun rise, write a little and read a little.  i feel so content when i get up and have time to myself before everyone else rises...  in a little while dogs will be tearing down the hallway, playing, barking, people will be taking showers, making coffee, talking and figuring out what to do for the day...  for now, the sun is rising, there's a heavy, whispey layer of foggy clouds on the surface of the lake that makes the lake look like its frozen solid or not water at all but land.  i feel content and happy in this moment.

i've not really thought about my year, last year now, very much.  normally, i'm all over it!  i know exactly what i've done, what i've accomplished but looking back i'm thinking that maybe things are calming down a little...  i'm feeling a little more settled into my life, where ever its taking me.  i definitely set goals and there's always movement but the urgency to make it completely and utterly successful is not there as much.  i read a good book recently called, "Manifesting Change" by Mike Dooley.  I got it as an audio book so that I could listen to him read his own book in his own words... i like that very much, actually.  :o ]  in the book he talks about manifesting change by visualizing every day, just a little in the morning before you start your day and then not focussing on the outcome.  i'm trying to just live and enjoy my life without forcing what i want...  so every morning i visualize peace, total financial abundance and happiness and i imagine how that feels as if i have it now.  this helps align me with that time when this is true and moves me towards it.

this year, this month justin, my life partner and i, have know each other for over 10 years and i'm glad to be on this life adventure with him by my side.  we've been through a lot together in the last couple of years and i'm looking forward to another 10+ years with him.

some of the things i did that i'm proud of:
  • winter fest
  • worked for a temp agency 
  • started a portrait series
  • painted encaustic paintings
  • was a data analyst (what a smarty pants!)
  • took on a new coaching/consulting client (love!)
  • revised my website
  • opened a new etsy store (more about this later)
  • studied photography, practiced taking better photos
  • wrote more on my blog
  • got a new sewing machine
  • taught myself how to use it and made "healing monsters"!
  • i showed my work for artwalk in three or four places this year, successfully
  • i made it through another holiday season

things i'm looking forward to in 2011:
  • making more art
  • meeting new people
  • working on collaborative projects
  • sewing projects
  • encaustic paintings with new techniques and materials... papers made in thailand from a far away artist friend
  • finding us a new place to live where we can have a king size bed in our room and have family stay with us more comfortably
  • letting life unfold and enjoying the ride a little more
  • being at peace in where i am right now
  • finding a balance between supporting my creative passion and finding a job that has enough flexibility and stability to fill in the rest for now
  • sunrises and sunsets
  • traveling a little more
  • going to the beach a little more
  • painting, photography, reading, writing and coaching
  • spending more time with my family
  • workshops, new techniques
that's my list for now... today i'm just enjoying the very first day of 2011...  its mellow, snowy, blue sky, puffy clouds and bright, bright sunshine.  it feels good...  happy new year to everyone!  :o]


  1. Happy New Year, Kari! Let's sew some stuff!

  2. Yes! Lets do it! I've got lots of little monsters to make and coffee cup cozies! Wooo!



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