Encaustic Paintings: Beetle Girl Series

Encaustic Painting:  Beetle Girl Series - SOLD

This week-end I've been taking more photos of my encaustic paintings and updating my etsy shop.  I'm excited because, with my new photo cube,  I have really been able to take much better photos of my work...  Its such a relief because it was really getting to me not being able to take the kind of professional looking photos I've been wanting to take...

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my paintings... I'm hoping to upload about ten more photos by tomorrow...  phew!  

I'll talk to you again on Sunday.   

xoxo  kari

Encaustic Painting:  Beetle Girl Series - SOLD


  1. Kari,
    the paintings look wonderful, the colors, lighting have photographed well. The black frame also set off the vibrate colors that encaustic medium can give you.
    Rebecca McCartt-Atlanta,GA

  2. Thanks Rebecca!

    it seems like its taken me forever to even get close to taking the photos that i feel proud to put out there...

    have a lovely valentine's day!

    xoxo kari


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