Working On A Sewing Project

i just wanted to write a quick post this morning to say hello! 

i've been getting excited about making more "Healing Monsters" for my new Vivid Life Studio, etsy store!  Last Sunday I cut out the shapes from various bits of donated fabric (thank you Susan, Mom & a few other people!) and semi assembled 12 of them so that when i'm ready they'll all be lined up for me and ready to sew sew sew!  i'll introduce them to you individually as i complete them and give them names...  i can hardly wait to show them to you!!  eeeeee!

i am loving this etsy shop this morning!  it makes me want to make my own sets of paper/envelopes.

i hope everyone takes it easy this week and does something nourishing for themselves... you deserve it!

xoxo -- kari


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