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Twas The Night Before Cleansing...

photos taken on 3/30/2011 & 3/31/2011 "the before photos"

i have to admit to myself today that i have not been taking very good care of myself lately (ok... for longer than i would like to admit).  time has passed and day after day i chose not to exercise, i chose to eat in a way that did not support a healthy and comfortable body weight for me.  i have not rested well nor have i been kind and nurturing to my soul.  all of this changes tomorrow, friday 4/1/2011.  tomorrow i start my three week cleanse and i start riding my bike to work.  i start meditating, lighting candles, eating simple, good food and nurturing my soul.  we all deserve these basic things. (especially you)
if you'd like to join me please see a physician first, i did.  i went to my naturopathic physician and had blood work done and we found a plan that will work for me that incorporates protein drinks and good nutrition.
here is what i will be eating for the next seven days (week one)
day 1-7

My First Video (its not great but its my first!!) :o)

hello everyone!
okay, i decided to share my first attempt at shooting and then editing video with my new camcorder (see previous post)
go ahead and click below and it should play... you might need to hit pause and let it load all of the way first...
this is a good exercise in "beginners mind".  be brave, try it, put it out there!  woo!  you can do it!!!

New Camcorder!

oh!  i'm SO excited!  i just purchased a new camcorder and i'm supposed to get it today sometime!  i'm going to be practicing video diaries and then i'm going to be practicing for my online workshops coming up here pretty soon...  i want to feel comfortable and as natural as possible in front of the camera (its going to take awhile my lovelies!) so i'm going to practice, practice practice!!  if anyone else out there has video that they would like to share to introduce themselves and talk about what they're working on, i would love to see it...  feel free to leave a link in the comments section of this post so we can all visit your site and get to know you better.  (i would absolutely love to meet new creative people)

i'm also excited because i am expecting a dvd on encaustic techniques to be arriving today as well...  its by paula roland.  i'm saving up to buy my very own hot box to work with...  (they're spendy but it will be worth it!)

i'm just…

sounder fc tonight!

Its going to be another awesome season!  Wooooo!  Go Sounders!!

Gage's Memorial 3/11/2011 @3:00 pm (pacific time)

Feeling Better!! Woooo!

OMG!  I have had the worst cold the last couple of weeks!  I've been miserable!  Its amazing how good it is not to feel like that anymore...  phew!

Okay, so I signed up for a free workshop through Strathmore On-Line Workshops and I am having so much fun cutting up my own sketchbook, adding pockets, decorating and prepping it for text art and journaling.  My secret wish is to be teaching my own online workshops by this summer...  stay tuned! 

This is just a quick post this time to say hello and also to let you know that you can support the Children's Healing Art Project through the purchase of jewelry with Gage's artwork on it!  This would be a way to honor his life and support a charity near and dear to his heart.

Children’s Healing Art Project (CHAP) brings the healing power of art to children in crisis and their families with a mobile team of teaching artists working in Portland’s children’s hospitals.

In 2009, CHAP worked with over 10,000 children and their familie…