New Camcorder!

oh!  i'm SO excited!  i just purchased a new camcorder and i'm supposed to get it today sometime!  i'm going to be practicing video diaries and then i'm going to be practicing for my online workshops coming up here pretty soon...  i want to feel comfortable and as natural as possible in front of the camera (its going to take awhile my lovelies!) so i'm going to practice, practice practice!!  if anyone else out there has video that they would like to share to introduce themselves and talk about what they're working on, i would love to see it...  feel free to leave a link in the comments section of this post so we can all visit your site and get to know you better.  (i would absolutely love to meet new creative people)

i'm also excited because i am expecting a dvd on encaustic techniques to be arriving today as well...  its by paula roland.  i'm saving up to buy my very own hot box to work with...  (they're spendy but it will be worth it!)

i'm just now feeling better at the end of my fourth week with this STUPID terrible cold...  MAN!  it was a mean one!  i highly recommend, if you're getting this terrible cold, that you go to a naturopathic physician and get magic nasal spray!  next time i start to get a cold i am definitely going right in and getting it!  i think it would have shaved some time off of how long i was sick.

i hope you guys have a wonderful and creative week-end!  talk to you next week and hopefully, i'll have a video to share!  (gulp')

xoxo  -  kari


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