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Day Eight & Nine Of Liver Cleanse!

So far so good.  I'm on day 8 of my liver cleanse and I'm feeling pretty good...  I found out Wednesday that I'm severely deficient in vitamin D (you're supposed to be in the 150 range and I'm a 9) so my doctor has me on 8,000 units of vitamin D per day for a month...  I've been feeling REALLY good as a result of that!  I feel so much happier and talkative... Its amazing how much of a difference that is making for me.  Here are the foods allowed for days 8-9 on my liver cleanse...  Its getting pretty restrictive now... almost a liquid diet but I'm ready for it!  :o)  (two more weeks and I'm done!)

day 8 - 9
1 protein shake per day (1 scoop only) also detox capsuls:   3 caps 2x a day choose from the following foods anytime: alkaline brothfresh raw fruitraw or steamed veggies (low carb)non-gluten grains:     buckwheat, potato, rice flour, rice bran, tapioca, soy flour, corn or maizehealthy dressingspumpkin, almond, sunflower seedsground flax and seasame seedsr…

Day Four Liver Cleanse & Bike Ride To Work This Morning..

this morning i rode my bike to work!  it felt good...  it was dusky and dark at 6:30 am, cold and raining but i had rain pants and a rain jacket...  NO EXCUSES!  my ride takes me along the water almost the whole way there and it is so lovely to see so much water on my ride to work (and almost no traffic).  
i've been on a liver/allergy free diet for four days now and i'm feeling pretty mellow this morning but good...  i'm looking forward to the three weeks being up so i can get back to normal...  its definitly been challenging at times...  mostly just stopping my old habits and unconcious eating.
have a wonderful week!
xoxo  kari