Day Eight & Nine Of Liver Cleanse!

So far so good.  I'm on day 8 of my liver cleanse and I'm feeling pretty good...  I found out Wednesday that I'm severely deficient in vitamin D (you're supposed to be in the 150 range and I'm a 9) so my doctor has me on 8,000 units of vitamin D per day for a month...  I've been feeling REALLY good as a result of that!  I feel so much happier and talkative... Its amazing how much of a difference that is making for me.  Here are the foods allowed for days 8-9 on my liver cleanse...  Its getting pretty restrictive now... almost a liquid diet but I'm ready for it!  :o)  (two more weeks and I'm done!)

day 8 - 9
1 protein shake per day (1 scoop only)
also detox capsuls:   3 caps 2x a day
choose from the following foods anytime:
  • alkaline broth
  • fresh raw fruit
  • raw or steamed veggies (low carb)
  • non-gluten grains:     buckwheat, potato, rice flour, rice bran, tapioca, soy flour, corn or maize
  • healthy dressings
  • pumpkin, almond, sunflower seeds
  • ground flax and seasame seeds
  • rice milk
  • almond butter, tahini hummus
  • herbs, seasonings
  • spring or purified water (at least 6 glasses)
  • freshly juiced fruits or vegtables (1/2 diluted)
  • herbal teas
Have a great week-end!

xoxo  -  kari


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