Getting Ready To Turn The BIG "4 5"

i've been craving painting lately...  i've decided to start working in my sketch book again so that i can at least get started on some new ideas i've been obsessing about...  and to start getting comfortable drawing again...

i've been running and power walking as much as my body will allow lately...  this morning i got up and did 5.4 miles...  its just beautiful out in the morning and i just love starting my day out looking out at the Sound...  i set my intension for the day, i let things go that have been bothering me and i get pumped for the opportunities coming my way...

next week i'm turning 45!  its surreal to hear myself say it...  can i really be that old?  i feel good...  i'm, overall, in a good place mentally and physically...  i'm staying close to a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle and i have my life in front of me...  all good things...

this morning i walked down to my favorite coffee shop and saw a lab that made me want a dog BAD!!!  

i hope everyone enjoys the rest of their week-end and be good to yourself next week...  the weather is good here!

xoxo - kari


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