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monsters monsters everywhere!

sneak peek
i'm in my studio this evening taking photos of the healing monsters i have made so far...  i still have many more to make and necklaces to make also!  i'm taking next thursday/friday off so that i can complete the rest of the stuff i have to do...
here's a little sneak peak of some of the monsters i'll have for sale at the Phinney Winter Fest in two weeks...

have a good day and happy turkey day!
xoxo  -kari

Winter Festival Coming Up Soon!!!

okay!  its just now hitting me!  i have a craft show coming up in about three weeks!!!  ahhhhh!!!!  i've been plunking along cutting out patterns...  creating each individual monster and laying it in a pile to be sewn...  right now it doesn't feel like i've done much and i still have to make necklaces, design a booth, create some business cards, take photos, upload new work to my etsy store!!  okay, okay...  deep breaths...   breathe in...  breath out...

i'm excited to report that the latest Phinney Ridge newsletter is out and i am in it (along with many other amazing artists this year)!  it shows where my booth will be (same as last year...  downstairs in the main building, in the red room by the window... loved it!)
last year in the main bldg, downstairs red room in the corner!
i will be posting more healing monsters and stories as i complete them and experience them!  have a fantastic week!
xoxo  kari

In The Studio This Week-End...

This week-end I'm making more healing monsters for a craft show coming up soon at Phinney Ridge Community Center...  They are so fun to watch as each one of them comes to life...  They're getting kind of crazy in color and in patterns...  Some have one eye and others have three!  My favorite so far is the scotchie bunnie!  He was made yesterday and I'll share photos of him later when he's all filled with stuffing and done!  I've also got a scotchie kitty coming to life too...
I hope everyone has a fantastic week!  Stay warm!
 scotchie kitty and scotchie bunnies coming to life...

little monster mouths
getting ready for assembliage!