a little dreaming

my dream day

i am a painter...  i get up in the morning, i have a cup of tea or coffee...  i do some writing, i do some planning and run any errands i need to get done, check email, update website according to my schedule and then have a lite lunch...  then i start to settle in to my painting...  i'm outside, its warm... the table is set up for me with my paints, brushes, canvas, water and my easel is set up and ready to go...  i paint a layer and it dries in the sun...  while its drying i look through my sketchbooks and other books that inspire me...  i have good music playing its mellow and relaxing and lifts me and keeps me in a good mood focussed on my work...  i work on the next layer...  let it dry, check my emails, phone calls...  i check my bank account balance... its full and i feel confidence and an inner peace looking at it...  i think about the vacation and retreats i have coming up that i am getting excited about!  

this is one scenario for me...  each day is different and each day brings new opportunities...  i am grounded and i am clear...


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