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visit to a rustic cabin up in the mountains...

a couple of week-ends ago my friend trina invited me up to her rustic cabin up in the mountains and we had SO much fun!  here are  a few images from that time...

 a scary bridge we crossed!

 we packed our stuff in on sleds about a mile then we sledded out for fun!
hope you had a great week-end and have an excellent week!
xoxo -- kari

more sketchbook drawings and paintings of goddess/beetle girls


my encaustic painting along with beautiful poetry...

sketching and painting beetle girls

i've been sketching beetle girls in my sketchbook so i thought i would share a few with you...  i can't seem to stop drawing them...  i'm going to be studying side profile and 3/4 turn portraiture next...  i can't wait to share more beetle girls with you soon!
 charcoal line drawing + decorative paper

sunshine in seattle...

i've been drawing and painting beetle girls again lately...  here i go again!  i've started drawing and painting them on the backgrounds i made a couple of week-ends ago...  here's just a little sample of what i've started...  i will keep posting as i finish them and begin to put them up on my etsy store for sale...  i'm planning on making some jewelry from the pieces shown here...
have a great rest of the week...  its supposed to continue to be beautiful and 65-70s here in seattle.
xoxo  - kari

a little break from the world

i'm at my favorite coffee shop at the beach with my laptop this morning taking a little break from the rest of the world.  the weather has been crazy here lately.  this morning it was foggy when i got up and then after i took a shower the sun came out and there was blue sky over head.  now its dark and pissing down rain!!! 
this is my third day here.  its gone by very fast so far.  yesterday was the first day in a very long time that i have felt SO good!  by myself, dancing wildly, singing to great music and painting my heart out!
my paintings are starting to evolve into something that i'm becoming very proud of.  i'm trying to pay close attention to what is in my mind as i reconnect to myself and let go of negativity and stress.  this feeling of vulnerability sweeps over me at times.  i think its mostly financial and not being able to live the life that i have imagined in my head.  i think that if i were financially secure then i would feel mostly confidence.  i would lo…