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here she is...  her name is truth and i just finished her last night...  she's painted with acrylic paints and she is 36" x 48" with a 1.5" profile and she will be for sale at some point...  i just have to give her a protective coat and she will be ready for whatever journey lies ahead for her...
to share a little bit about what i know about her...  she is at the beginning of her journey...  she is scared but brave...  she wears the shell of a beetle to protect her and there are larva and pupa near by...  hummingbirds are near also and have a light and dark presence...  she looks asian to me and she also looks very much like my niece, emily...  which was not planned at all...  each painting comes into being on its own and i just try to stay open to creative flow and keep myself and my analytical side out of the process completely!
i hope you like her as much as i do...
have an amazing week!
xoxo  - kari j young

Fairhaven/Bellingham, WA Today...

i spent the day up in fairhaven/bellingham, WA today...  it felt good to clear my head, knock some sense into myself and really appreciate the friendships that i currently have...  this new single life is fraught with raw emotions and feeling my way through new relationships, attractions and boundary setting...  does someone out there have a guide book?  no?  well...  i guess i will have to just keep going and learning and hope that people tolerate my bumblings!
i hope everyone has an amazing week...  the weather here in seattle, wa has been quite pleasant...  between 70-80s with gentle breezes...  we don't know how lucky we have it right now compared to the rest of the world!!

Her Name Is Truth... & A Trip To The Beach!

i'm almost done with the large painting i've been working on for weeks now...  i have her facing away from me in my studio because i am too obsessed with her right now to get any perspective...  in another week or so i will look at her again and finish her up and add any little details she needs at that time...  i love how her name came to me when i asked...  i wonder what your name will be...  the word TRUTH shot right out...  no hesitation...  i just smiled and said thank you and then wrote her name across her chest...  painting is very magical and i just love it!  :o)

i also had a short trip to the beach this week-end to just get out of town, sing my guts out in the car and just generally be alone with my thoughts...  it was a little bit stormy but i had an excellent walk on the beach, said hello to mother ocean and took some photos...  it was lovely and i can hardly wait to go back again as soon as possible.