Her Name Is Truth... & A Trip To The Beach!

i'm almost done with the large painting i've been working on for weeks now...  i have her facing away from me in my studio because i am too obsessed with her right now to get any perspective...  in another week or so i will look at her again and finish her up and add any little details she needs at that time...  i love how her name came to me when i asked...  i wonder what your name will be...  the word TRUTH shot right out...  no hesitation...  i just smiled and said thank you and then wrote her name across her chest...  painting is very magical and i just love it!  :o)

i also had a short trip to the beach this week-end to just get out of town, sing my guts out in the car and just generally be alone with my thoughts...  it was a little bit stormy but i had an excellent walk on the beach, said hello to mother ocean and took some photos...  it was lovely and i can hardly wait to go back again as soon as possible.


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