a little more progress...

i recently watched a documentary on gustav klimpt and have really been enjoying the symbolism he used in his paintings.  the passion and respect he had for women is very evident in his work...  i also very much appreciate his use of metallic gold paints in some of his work...  i am going to incorporate this technique somehow in my own paintings.


  1. I love the layers and watery drippiness of her. Her hair reminds me of kelp and I admire her neck jewels. Are you still working her?

  2. thank you kim! :o ]

    she is still a work in progress for sure... her hair reminds me of kelp too... she's definitely a water creature of some sort... i'm going to be adding some gold or yellow to her at some point this week-end so she'll look even more different by monday probably...

    thank you for checking her out!

    xoxo kari


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