2nd painting: promise

i just wanted to share a few photos from my week-end so far and also let you know that my second painting is coming right along...  her name is, promise...  i think she comes from the water and has something to do with sailors or sailing...  i'm not quite sure if she is good or evil...  temptress or fragile and sweet...  she may be both...  i will know more when she is finished.
06OCT, 2012 road trip up to Camano Island...  sea jelly drying out in the sun

sea jelly washed up on shore 

rentable cabins at Cama State Park (i will be back)

camano island, wa

made it back to golden gardens for the sunset...

unfortunately there was an accident on the water and two people died today...  two fisherman

home made soup for me today...  extra energy for painting...  my tummy feels full and healthy

here's promise, so far...  stay tuned for more coming soon...


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