big life changes coming...

golden gardens 15FEB, 2013

oh! i've been going through some very big changes lately...  i have transitioned back into temping again for employment and have left behind a job that has been very unsatisfying...  i feel liberated and appreciated for my skill set once again...  

i spent the day on friday walking along the beach, regrouping and thinking about what i want next in my life...  i feel good, i feel like the world is my oyster and like the possibilities are endless for me...  i've been trying to find a balance for myself with my artwork and a job-job and just have not been able to make that work AT ALL!!  so instead of beating myself up about this, i am taking action in a new direction... the first step was to remove myself from my old job...  DONE!  reconnect with a temping agency...  DONE!  making a list of head hunters/recruiters and recruiting events to network...  working on it!  :o)  i'm excited to ask for help in revamping my resume and seeing how my broad skill set will translate into something more lucrative, hopefully more satisfying and will hopefully allow me more time to keep going with my creative career!  wish me luck!!!

the other wonderful thing that i just started again has been running...  i signed up for a 3 month long distance training session and have been running 2-3 times a week with a running partner, coach and a whole bunch of other runners that are at various fitness levels...  its my 3rd week and i've been running 3 miles around the outside track at green lake...  i've been working on my nutrition and figuring out how to work through knee pain...  my coach has a lot of experience and a lot of good advice for me...  it feels good to be running again!  look out new life!  here i come...  RIRE!!!  (the leo in me...  the lioness!)


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