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Painting #3: Desire (in the works)

today i've been in my studio painting all day...  i am so in love with this painting...  just when i think i know who she is, or who she's becoming...  she changes...  its magical... there is a lot of richness coming out in color and textures with this beetle goddess...  she's drying now and tomorrow or later this evening she's going to get even more layers...  she's going to have a lot of metallics and more mark making, probably by later this evening...  hurry up and dry please...    :o)
hope you're having a good week-end...  it was so sunny and mild here today...  i had all of the windows and my door open all day...
xoxo -- kari

art nights have officially started! :o)

good wine, good food and my VERY talented artist friend Kim!  We've officially kicked off the first art night and it unfolded wonderfully last wednesday...  my plan is to keep inviting my artist friends over to play and learn new painting techniques...  my hope is some day to be teaching larger groups of women painting techniques in our sketchbooks and beyond!  i'm looking forward to next month's meeting!  stay tuned!


i've been meaning to post images of my 2nd painting in the Beetle Girl/Goddess series...  her name is PROMISE...  i hope you like her...  i was sailing a lot, having lots of new adventures and feeling some turmoil as i was painting her...
xoxo  kari

PROMISE by kari j young

the new me...

here's my new look to go with my new life...  i'm moving towards a more fulfilling and creative life and this is my first (well, maybe not my first...) step in this direction.

ta-da!  ashley did a great job!
 step one... chop off length  Bam!  length gone...  step two...  don't laugh!  we've all  been through it!!
 final step...  sporty easy to take care of style!  yay!

this morning i slept in a little, got up, put my running clothes on and went to the gym...  i've been running with a group i joined a month ago with my running partner, dana.  I've been trying to work through all of the things you have to work through when you start exercising for the first time in a VERY long time!  first my hip flexers hurt...i figured out how to stretch properly after running and now that is gone...  my knees were killing me BAD!  i got inserts for my shoes and i've stopped running, for now, on the hard and uneven dirt track we've been training on (treadmill instead)…