the new me...

here's my new look to go with my new life...  i'm moving towards a more fulfilling and creative life and this is my first (well, maybe not my first...) step in this direction.

ta-da!  ashley did a great job!

 step one... chop off length
 Bam!  length gone...
 step two...  don't laugh!  we've all  been through it!!

 final step...  sporty easy to take care of style!  yay!

this morning i slept in a little, got up, put my running clothes on and went to the gym...  i've been running with a group i joined a month ago with my running partner, dana.  I've been trying to work through all of the things you have to work through when you start exercising for the first time in a VERY long time!  first my hip flexers hurt...i figured out how to stretch properly after running and now that is gone...  my knees were killing me BAD!  i got inserts for my shoes and i've stopped running, for now, on the hard and uneven dirt track we've been training on (treadmill instead)...  the next thing i'm working on is ankle pain...  its my posture this time...  i will run straighter, more upright and keep working on my leg strength so that I can power through...  it all takes time and i am committed to keep going...  it gives me purpose as i'm figuring out what to do next in my life...  i think the hardest thing has been the internal dialog that happens with my mind...  why am i running, is there a bear chasing us?  wouldn't it be better if we stopped into that coffee shop over there and had a latte...  (Hey!  shut up brain!)  I'm doing this because I know that when you start something new, work through pain and obstacles, that it spills over into all other areas of your life...  

the rest of the figuring out has to do with my career...  how do i take my passion...  my creative painter, teacher, workshop taker, retreat maker, bringing women together to empower them globally and make a living from that...  I've been trying to just have a "job-job" to cover my bills so that I can spend the rest of my energy creating something amazing for myself...  so far this has not resulted in success for me (not enough money, not enough energy left each day to be creative)...  I have now shed the "job-job" and have gone back to temping...  it feels like a WAY better fit but now i am ready to really create a plan around having something much more fulfilling...  i will never give up...  "Never Give Up!  Never Surrender"!!!  until I fulfill my dreams!

I'd love to hear from anyone who has just started running or has a similar story...  perhaps there will be some co-teaching opportunities that come out of this conversation...

i got this image by searching for "lioness running" on the internet...  i like it because i'm a leo and i'm a runner...  this is a good, strong, mental image for me as i'm moving aggressively towards my dreams!  join me!!  

xoxo  kari j young


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