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dollar demo 2

(meant to be played on small screen)

first demo video!

this is my very first "quickie" demo (don't laugh, i'll get better at this!!)  i used a gel printing plate, stamps that me and my art group girls made and pthalo blue acrylic paints!  i had a lot of fun and i look forward to making more videos and getting a LOT better at it!  xoxo  kari
video meant to be played small, not full screen.  (sorry)
stamps created by vivid life studio:  art group (you know who you are!)  :) 

A little Experiment With Crackle Paste: "BEFORE"

first layer acrylic paints, sides painted too...  
 second layer acrylic paints + crackle paint mixed in...

 waiting for layers to dry...  could take a few days...  

stay tuned for results...  hopefully VERY crackly!!!  :o)